lets talk about tradition

In a day and time when "traditional" may not be viewed as the in thing, The Journeymen have been singing Southern Gospel Music for 53 years and have kept that standard. 

From their beginnings gathered around a family piano in the fall of 1957, The Journeymen have watched in amazement as God grew their ministry, this solid traditional Southern Gospel Music style has formed the foundation of every song the group has chosen to sing and the audiences have loved it. Over the years there have been many personnel changes. However, The Journeymen have never compromised their male quartet style or sound. When asked what has been the driving force behind their style of singing, they simply reply, "It's our commitment to God and the music we sing". On stage, in an auditorium, arena, fair or church, The Journeymen always strive to show their audience the love of God. When the group is performing to a musical number you can always expect to share a lot of love and lots of laughter.

Spreading the eternal message of Christ without compromise is the foundation and cornerstone of any career in the ministry of the Gospel. Many talented vocalists and musicians step onto concert stages across the country each week; however, only the faithful and dedicated overcome the pressures of life on the road to delight in the blessings that are reaped by the faithful servant. John Bledsoe joined The Journeymen at age 16 and became owner and manager of the quartet just a few years later. During the past four decades The Journeymen were led by Big John Bledsoe and have enjoyed tremendous success.

The thrill and excitement of performing experienced by each Journeymen member night after night is most evident at each concert. Their goal of delivering a first-class performance filled with excitement, energy and lots of great traditional, Southern Gospel Music are traits which have proven to play an essential role in the success they have enjoyed.

These characteristics, united with their desire to never compromise their responsibility to spread the Gospel through Southern Gospel Music in a Christlike, professional manner have allowed The Journeymen to firmly establish their place. As The Journeymen have found, the miles on the road may sometimes be long, but God continues to bless the hard work of His faithful servants, as He continually offers new excitement with each new endeavor.

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